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Managing Director's Message

Bharat Immunologicals & Biologicals Corporation Ltd. (BIBCOL) was established in the year 1989, primarily for supply of Oral Polio Vaccine for the need of country to fight against poliomyelitis, which was then a very challenging task . The company has played a very crucial role in elimination of polio from country. It started its commercial production in 1996 and since then has supplied billions of doses of polio vaccine. More


BIBCOL is a leading biotechnology company based in Uttar Pradesh India. The company is a Govt. of India Undertaking and has its OPV plant in state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The company currently manufactures and produces a range of pharmaceuticals products such as Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV Vaccine), Zinc Tablet & Diarrhea Management Kit, Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) etc More