BIBCOL's principle mission is to save the lives of millions of children from avoidable disability, through Polio Vaccination. Since its inception, it has contributed significantly to the eradication of Poliomyelitis in the country through various National Immunization Programs. In addition, BIBCOL also has ambitious plans to take up the production of child care and other related medicines. We are also considering the production and supply of Measles, DPT, IPV Vaccines and Zinc Tablets to prevent children across Indian and abroad.


Childhood Diarrhea

Childhood Diarrhea is the leading cause of diarrhea hospitalization among children. Studies suggest that global deaths from Childhood Diarrhea has decreased considerably during the past 2 decades. In India, during summer months, the diarrheal diseases are more prevalent. Also factors like improper hygiene, sanitation, contaminated food and water are often the cause of Childhood Diarrhea deaths. BIBCOL has geared itself for Childhood Diarrhea and has obtained manufacturing license for Dispersible Zinc Tablet and ORS. To control childhood diarrhea death, we have also started the development of Mineral Vitamin Mix powder for treating severly malnourished children in collaboration with AIIMS. The childhood diarrhea prevention has been funded by our DBT Associates ( Department of Biotechnology).


Diarrhea Management Kit

BIBCOL has added more products in its portfolio like Mineral Vitamin Mix powder for severly malnourished children, Diarrhea Management Kit (Zinc Tablet + ORS) for management of diarrhea among young children. Additionally BIBCOL has started dialogue with few NGO's for preparation and supply of Diarrhea Management Kit which consists of Zinc Tablets and ORS.