Facilities for the manufacturing and production of Zinc Dispersible Tablets have been created out at BIBCOL. The Zinc related products are now part of our production and as part of the management of acute Childhood Diarrhea. BIBCOL mainly formulate and supply Oral Polio Vaccine and along with the efforts of Govt. of India and W.H.O polio is at the urge of eradication. Now to meet new challenges of Childhood Diarrhea and growing importance of public health and concern about diseases we have begun the process of manufacturing and supplying Zinc Tablets, ORS and other zinc related products in bulk. It has been perceived that Zinc Tablet treatment is provided to 90% children with acute childhood diarrhea and is acceptable and prescribed globally by child caretakers equally or even more as compared to other child care medicines.


Zinc Dispersible Tablet Manufacturers

Apart from taking up the production and supply of Oral Polio Vaccines, BIBCOL also manufactures Zinc Tablet for protection of people against various dreadful diseases. The formulation of dispersible zinc tablet is aimed to boost immunity, as zinc is a very important element. Some of the benefits of zinc tablets are:-


National & International Scenario

  • In May 2004, a WHO/UNICEF joint statement on the clinical management of acute diarrhoea was issued. This statement called for the adoption of new recommendation for zinc supplementation together with a new ORS formula for the clinical management of diarrhoea.
  • Zinc sulphate included in the WHO model list of essential medicine in March 2005.
  • US Pharmacopeia has defined the quality aspects of zinc tablets
  • In March 2007, Govt. of India has adopted the inclusion of zinc in RCH 2 / NRHM for treatment of diarrhoea. The recommendation is use of 20 mg. of zinc sulphate dispersible tablets for use in child hood Diarrhea for 14 days alongwith addition of ORS.