Message From Managing Director

Bharat Immunologicals & Biologicals Corporation Ltd. (BIBCOL) was established in the year 1989, primarily for supply of Oral Polio Vaccine for the need of country to fight against poliomyelitis, which was then a very challenging task . The company has played a very crucial role in elimination of polio from country. It started its commercial production in 1996 and since then has supplied billions of doses of polio vaccine.

Our country has met the challenge of polio by becoming polio free nation and now the company has another challenge for its growth and survival. BIBCOL is getting readied for diversification and I am hopeful that faith of stakeholders and the competence & commitment of the employees sustained over a long period will make it possible.

As we move ahead to the next frontier of growth, I seek support of all stakeholders, who have made our journey smooth several challenges. Let us work together to achieve another milestone.despite