Shillong TEER Result Today 08 September 2023 First Round, Second Round

Today’s Shillong TEER Result for First Round & Second Round 08 September 2023  Check Shillong Morning TEER Result Online: The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association releases the Shillong Teer Result for First Round and Second Round daily at 4:00 pm and 4:50 pm respectively. The result is announced in a two-digit number.


This website will provide you with fast updates on Shillong Teer Result Today, Previous Results, Common Number, House, Ending, Night, Hit Number, and other topics. Shillong Teer is a one-of-a-kind Lottery Game associated with Archery Sport. This lotto game is only available in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Thoh Tim or Siat Khnam are other names for this game.


Winners in the Shillong Teer Lottery Game are chosen by properly predicting the number of Arrows fired in a day. This lottery game consists of two rounds. Tickets for both rounds are available through Teer Betting Centers between 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM. Following that, the Shillong Teer Lottery Result for the first round is released at 4:00 pm, followed by the second round at 4:50 pm.


Shillong TEER Result 2023 is released in two phases on a daily basis. Shillong Teer First Round results are revealed at 4:00 p.m., and Second Round results are announced at 4:50 p.m., every day except Sunday. Shillong Morning TEER Result is announced in two rounds every day, excluding Sunday, at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM.

Shillong Morning TEER Result – 08 September 2023

F/R – 10.30 AM S/R -11.30 AM
79 33

 For Result Accuracy please patient

  LIVE Shillong Teer Result Today 07 September 2023

                            F/R – 4:10 PM                                    S/R– 5:08 PM
                                      73                                                99

LIVE Khanapara Teer Result Today 07 September 2023


                           F/R – 4:10 PM                                     S/R– 5:00 PM
                                      86                                                52

LIVE Night Teer Result Today 07 September 2023


                            F/R – 6:15 PM                                     S/R – 7:00 PM
                                      15                                                23

LIVE Juwai Teer Result Today 07 September 2023


                            F/R – 02:00 PM                                       S/R – 02:45 PM
                                     93                                                  61

Shillong Teer is an Archer Game-inspired lottery game. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association organizes this lottery program. This organization is made up of around 12 clubs.  Shillong Teer Lottery is held every working day, with the exception of Sundays.

Shillong Teer Result has no official website. You may experience delays in receiving results updates from other sites due to poor internet access. However, we will update this page as soon as the
Shillong Teer Lottery Result is declared by the TEER Game venue. The Lottery archery game is played everyday at Shillong’s Polo Grounds.

Shillong Teer Common Number, House, Ending

Anyone who is interested in the Meghalaya Shillong Teer Lottery can readily participate. All they have to do is purchase a ticket from a Teer Betting Center in Meghalaya. Tickets will be available between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. After the admission window closes, the archery session begins at 3:30 p.m.


Everyone should buy the Shillong Teer Lottery Tickets only from authorized shops. There are more than 5,000 ticket booking counters located in 11 districts of Meghalaya state. The price of a ticket is around ₹300 and the winning amount is around ₹8000. After that, they will have to go through a very easy betting procedure.


The participant will predict the last two digits of the total number of arrows launched and strike the target in a day. The person who properly guesses the number will win the lottery. Every day, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows in the first round and just 20 arrows in the second round.

How to check Shillong Teer Lottery Result 2023 Online?

On Bibcol.Com, it is simple to verify the TEER results. You may access this page’s Shillong Teer Result Updates table at the bottom of the page. Here, you may get daily updates on the Shillong TEER Result for Common Numbers. You may also look up dream numbers, past outcomes, night teasers, houses, endings, etc.


Date First Round Second Round
07 September 2023 73 99
06 September 2023 08 11
05 September 2023 69 50
04 September 2023 46 60
03 September 2023 OFF OFF
02 September 2023 78 66
01 September 2023 24 48
30 August 2023 09 09
29 August 2023 15 34
28 August 2023 18 11
27 August 2023 OFF OFF
26 August 2023 10 75
25 August 2023 43 18
24 August 2023 71 27
23 August 2023 90 23
22 August 2023 99 16
21 August 2023 25 02


Shillong Teer Game has the advantage of giving archers a fantastic opportunity to develop their craft while earning 300 each day for shooting two rounds. Additionally, Meghalaya employs around 10,000 people at various TEER Counters. The unfortunate thing is that it’s a gambling game, which easily leads to addiction. So, we suggest that you exercise caution and play at your own risk.


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